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March 24 - April 2


Our Story



Welcome to Zuresh! Our natural solution to all of your hair, skin, beauty, and health needs.  I am Mia, creator of Zuresh.  I will be your guide through the Zuresh experience!  Zuresh was created in 2001 from a personal need.  Lupus (a blood disorder) reared its UGLY head after being dormant for a while and like many people witha skin disorder, Lupus....Eczema...Psoriasis...Dermatitis, your skin can get out of control.  It ranges from extreme sensitivity and irritations to like mine pimple-like legions and sores (like mine) ranging from the size of dimes or quarters.  Conventional soaps or lotions were out of the question, because they severely irritated my skin.  Prescriptions worked only temporarily and also inhibited the pigment in my skin from coming back.  After much investigation I gound that my special SHEA BODY BLEND (also known as Karite) not only calmed my irritated skin but also diminished me legions while fading them as well.

This still left me without a safe cleanser I could use everywhere.  With little help I was able to develop my own kind of awesome FULL BODY CLEANSER.  This cleanser can be used all over the body, and is great for the entire family even infants.  It is even a great shampoo and shaving cream.  Enjoy Sulphate, Paraben, & Alcohol Free products!

I purchased your products for the first time at the 2010 African Festival, in Chicago, I purchased for myself, sister,( who is being treated for cancer), and nephew. After my other family members learned this they were upset with me because I did not purchase products for them as well. Needless to say I had to use purchase small containers and share with them. We all love your product. I am interested in becoming a rep for this product. I have been telling all of my friends and coworkers and letting them feel my skin,(it is so soft). I am so happy that my nephew and I stopped by your booth. You have a great product


Ok, I was at the African Festival of Arts in Chicago yesterday, September 4th and my girlfriend wanted me to see "her" bag at your booth (beautiful Soul bag by the way - ICONICLEE.COM). Well anyway we started talking about the Zuresh products because I said that I use cheap conditioner and apple cider vinegar in my hair currently. So the gentleman gave me a sample of a product he told me to use to wash my hair and body. I left but returned immediately because I loved how the sample felt on my skin and ended up purchasing the tropical spa shea body blend but regret that I did not purchase the wash because I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE RESULTS FROM THE SAMPLE I WAS GIVEN AND THE TROPICAL SPA SHEA BODY BLEND!!!!! My hair is so super soft and I also used it in my youngest son's hair. I can't wait for my oldest son to come home from grandma's house and try it in his hair which his and the youngest both have curly hair like mine. I will be ordering online but I hope you all make it back to Chicago for the event at Malcolm X College in December, I really want you to see the difference in my hair. Thank you so much for introducing me to your products. Many blessings to you all.


OMG I am so glad you have the pet stuff online. I bought my friend some stuff for her cat from you. I could not believe the "cat" had allergies. When you said that you would mix something up for us - scent free - I was thinking ok. And the next week you had it and she loved it. Her cat is her best friend and only likes her. She takes allergy pills just to keep the cat. We thought it was funny that the cat was allergic to her and even after the vet gave her medications that barely worked you made a product that conditioned the cat and had not all the scent she can't take. Awesome Mia.


I love the COLLAGEN REPLACEMENT and have been using it for the entire summer. My face looks and feels great and I am very pleased with the results. I remember telling you I had sun bathed when I lived on the West coast when I was younger and it did damage to my skin and the Collagen Replacement has really changed the look and feel of my facial skin. It is what I use to save my facial skin. I love the fact that I get waymore than the power of Vitamin C in your botanicals.


Store Locations

Store locations below that sell Zuresh's product line.

Essence Fashion & Design - BERMUDA

3 Crane Lane, North Short Pembroke HM 14, Bermuda 

Temple Beauty Supply

17531 S Central Ave, Ste. D, Carson CA, 90746. Ph:  (310) 800-2348

Lee's Flower Shop (please call for inventory first)

1026 U St NW, Washington DC, 20001 Ph:  (202) 265-4965

Epiphany Salon and Spa

4193, 1514 U St NW, Washington DC, 20009 Ph:  (202) 319-1600

Yaya's Natural Hair 

2004 Sylvan Road, Atlanta GA, 30310 Ph:  (404) 317-4878

GLUT Coop (please call for inventory first)

4005 34th Street, Mt. Rainier MD, 20712 Ph:  (301)-779-1978

Naturally FLYY Detroit

17337 Lahser Road, Detroit MI, 48219 Ph:  (313) 454-1840

Zuresh Emporium (please text for appointment)

2233 Interstate North Drive, Ste. O, Charlotte NC, 28206 Ph:  (202-412-2974 or 980-825-8347)

The  Movement

7133 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia PA, 19119 

Art & Soul Gallery and Boutique

5912 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia PA, 19151 Ph:  (215) 660-3175

Hattache Beauty & Lifestyle Goods 

Texas Ph:  (470) 545-4182

Hair Goals 313 - My Salon Suites

16824 Kercheval Avenue Ste. 209, Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Sage Healing Collective

525 S. Tyler Road, Suite S                     

St. Charles, Illinois 60174

Disco Dolls

4632 N. Florida Ave. 

Tampa Florida, 33603 

Sevenada Natural Foods Market      

467 Moreland Ave. NE.                

Atlanta, GA 30307

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